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We've turned 18 - We're now responsible creatives

We've turned 18 - We're now responsible creatives

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We've turned 18 - We're now responsible creatives


Why Content Reigns Supreme in Web Design

Nick Budrewicz

Ever wondered why some websites are like a well-curated art gallery, while others feel more like a confusing maze? Well, we're about to spill the proverbial...

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday dear VIA, happy birthday to us!

On the back of the recent good news on the lifting of the lockdown restrictions we're delighted to announce that we have officially turned 18. Our agency started trading on 28th Feb back in 2003, a major milestone for us and one we're extremely proud of.

As a creative agency there have been a vast range of clients big and small we have worked with over the past 18 years and we've also had the pleasure of creating a huge array of branding, graphic design, marketing solutions and of course web and digital solutions during this time. We've also navigated some tricky times politically too, there have been two recessions and of course the Covid pandemic, we've come through them all and also witnessed our own creative industry change over these past 18 years, here's a timeline of some key tech and digital milestones that have shaped our industry since we first rolled up our sleeves to begin our agency life...

VIA Creative founded.

Facebook founded, Gmail started, World of Warcraft & Firefox launched.

YouTube starts, along with Reddit, Google Maps and Xbox 360 launches.

Twitter is launched so is PlayStation 3 and WikiLeaks.

The only milestone of the year that matters, the iPhone is launched.

AirBnB launches, so does Google Chrome and the Tesla Roadster.

The FitBit arrives on the scene along with the Chrome OS, Bitcoin, Uber and Minecraft.

The iPad is launched, Instagram is founded and the iPhone 4 is launched.

The Chromebook is launched and the Nest learning thermostat.

The Raspberry device lands. So does Google Play, Google Drive, iPhone 5, and Windows 8 (mostly for giving Microsoft nightmares).

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are launched, Slack (our agency's internal communication platform of choice) starts up.

Satya Nadella takes over Microsoft, Windows 10 is launched.

The Apple Watch is launched, Amazon's Alexa also arrives.

Pokemon Go and augmented reality 'magically' appear.

The iPhone X lands as does the Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite rules the world as does Amazon, Google and Microsoft cloud services.

Drone photography, VR and AI start gaining impetus.

No comment.

The lifting of the national lockdown cannot be surpassed
(ok, maybe by the Perseverance landing!).

We hope you've enjoyed this brief scroll through the past 18 years of tech innovations that have been running alongside our own agency's time in business.

Dave Ramrekha


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