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A lot of people don't understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no longer about keeping ahead of search engine updates, it's endeavouring to make your website the best result for your customers searches and optimising your website so that search engines can't do anything but rank it highly. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an extremely effective way of ensuring your website is found based on a defined search phrase using Google AdWords; we can help manage both elements of these online digital marketing services.

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SEO Services

SEO management services

We target what we know works, and that's putting your customer at the heart of your SEO strategy. We focus out SEO strategies on two key areas, Technical SEO and Content/User SEO. When combined with an effective digital marketing strategy our SEO services will deliver results that are underpinned with data and analysis to eradicate the mystery.

So why use us for your company's SEO?

  • A truely focused approach
  • Clear and concise SEO strategy development
  • No false promises
SEO Services

Our SEO services explained

Technical SEO

How we develop and build the technical optimisation of your website plays a huge part in your SEO performance because the code of your website is all that search engines see. Our developers build sites from the ground up and make sure your website is optimised in the right way with clear, professional code so that search engines know how to rank your site highly. Accessing and reviewing your websites' analytics means we also take a good look at user insights, pages visited, bounce rates and other technical analytics to get a greater understanding of what makes your site work or alternatively why it doesn't work.

Content SEO

What we wont ever do is take monthly fees off you by promising you top spot for your preferred search phrase then let you down with disappointing results, wave away your frustrations and demand additional spend to boost your rankings. What we will dois certainly help you get as highly ranked as we can by offering as much value as possible to your customers. This means that you need to provide your users with the information they want at exactly the right time and offer value over and above that of just selling your products or services.

This is where out content/user SEO offering can help, we take the time to understand your target audience and their requirements, this allows us to shape your content with opportunities that will engage with them at the right times in a way that drives interaction and shows search engines that your website offers the best results.

Technical SEO

Why use our Pay Per Click (PPC) Google AdWords management service?

Our PPC service means you benefit from the detail and care of a smaller agency as well as no nonsense management of your account from commercially understanding staff.

We arrange your PPC campaigns around business relevant topics that focus on enhancing the bottom line profits for your company or organisation. Using the wealth of data that is given to us by the major search engines such as Google and Bing, we can really analyse the data to fully understand how to plan your campaign to get the best results.

To avoid wasted cost in any PPC campiagn, our first step is to audit this to limit any wastage and restructure your account to focus on the areas that are profitable, we then continue to asses the data to make your account even more profitable with a greater return on your spend.

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