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How traditional printing can enhance your marketing message

How traditional printing can enhance your marketing message

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How traditional printing can enhance your marketing message


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In today's rapidly evolving digital age, it's easy to assume that traditional printing has lost its relevance. However, as UK business leaders seek to reinvigorate their marketing strategies in a post-lockdown world, it's important not to overlook the enduring benefits of printed marketing materials. 

While digital channels are undeniably essential, integrating traditional printing into your marketing mix can yield remarkable results, helping you connect with customers in a tangible and memorable way. In this article, we'll explore the value of printed marketing materials and provide compelling statistics that underscore their importance in the current landscape.

Printed marketing materials can have a tangible impact on your business sales

Amidst a sea of digital noise, printed marketing materials offer a unique advantage by engaging customers on a physical level. Whether it's a well-designed brochure, direct mail piece, or business card, printed materials can create a lasting impression that digital-only campaigns often struggle to achieve. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), 70% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than online interactions, leading to a stronger emotional connection with the brand.

How print improves client recall and response rates

Printed materials have been shown to enhance recall and response rates compared to digital-only campaigns. A study conducted by Temple University's Centre for Neural Decision Making revealed that physical ads generated higher levels of brain activity associated with memory recall than their digital counterparts. Additionally, the DMA reported that direct mail boasts a 4.4% response rate, while email campaigns typically yield only a 0.12% response rate. These findings indicate that incorporating printed materials into your marketing mix can amplify brand recall and drive customer engagement.

Use printed materials to create better trust and credibility with your customers

Printed materials have a longstanding reputation for conveying trust and credibility. In a survey conducted by Two Sides, an organisation promoting the sustainability of print and paper, 70% of respondents stated that they trust information in printed form more than information found online. Furthermore, Forbes reported that 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. By leveraging this inherent trust, you can foster stronger relationships with your target audience and enhance your brand's reputation.

Stand out from the digital clutter by utilising the power of print

With consumers exposed to an overwhelming amount of digital advertisements daily, printed materials offer a refreshing break from the digital clutter. A study by Marketing Sherpa found that 76% of people trust advertising more when it is in a physical format. By strategically incorporating print materials, you can cut through the noise and capture your audience's attention in a more intimate and impactful way.

Post-lockdown print statistics

The value of printed marketing materials has only grown in significance post-lockdown. According to the Royal Mail's MarketReach study conducted in 2021, 64% of consumers found mail to be an important source of information during the pandemic. Additionally, a survey by Kantar found that 78% of UK households read or glanced through the addressed mail they received. These statistics illustrate the enduring power of printed materials as a trusted source of information and communication, even in challenging times.

In an increasingly digital world, traditional printing holds a distinct advantage in terms of tangibility, recall, trust, and standing out from the digital noise. As UK business leaders navigate the post-lockdown landscape and seek to reestablish connections with customers, incorporating print materials into their marketing mix can provide a competitive edge. By combining the strengths of digital and print marketing, businesses can create comprehensive campaigns that engage customers on multiple levels and deliver exceptional results. Embrace the power of traditional printing and unlock new opportunities for growth and success in your marketing endeavours.

Here at VIA we have are one of the only design and web agencies in Teesside that have their own in-house print company. Our clients trust us to deliver a full service agency experience and we help shape their entire marketing mix from digital right through to printed marketing materials.

If you are looking to see how printed products can help enhance your marketing message and improve your company's profits, please drop us a line, we have hundreds of print products that have been created for other clients and we can show you how they have had a positive impact on their businesses.

Dave Ramrekha


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