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2020 is coming, time to make a plan!

2020 is coming, time to make a plan!

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2020 is coming, time to make a plan!


7 ways to breakthrough Lockdown 2.0

Dave Ramrekha

So we’re about to embark on another national lockdown (from 5th November 2020) but there’ll certainly be no fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night this...

It’s the time of the year when it quickly turns wintery, the big coats are out, and reflections begin on the past year.  We also dream about what 2020 could bring.

It’s all too easy to review 2019 and say it will be soooooooo much better this year! But will it? What will make it so much better?   Unless you have already landed a dreamy contract, hired the best new staff member on the planet, have no issues running into the year end, you have to ask yourself the following question.  What is going to drive your company into new territories in 2020?

Personally, I’m thinking, and I stress thinking about tackling an Ultra marathon* in the Lakes or further afield.  If I don’t take this seriously, I won’t even make the start line.  Yes, I have a decent base fitness, fiercely competitive, robust and determined, but I will need a plan to succeed.  So how are you going to double profits in 2020 without a plan?

As an aging sportsman I think the cross over between sport and business is without a doubt heavily intertwined.   If you don’t prepare correctly you simple won’t achieve the best results be it in the workplace or stadium.

So as I ponder the challenge of the Ultra, and with it the many months and miles of training.  Ask yourself what are my workplace goals for 2020 and “what plan” do I have in place to hit my targets.

Profits will not double year on year, staff won’t be engaged, happy campers without a plan.  I can guarantee you that!  So when you contemplate prospects for 2020, the what ifs, targets, risks, make a plan! Budget! Discuss! Reflect! Research! You never know what 2020 might bring, but I know it won’t happen without a plan

*Ultra-marathon is classed as anything over traditional marathon length 26.219 miles, madness I know!)

Lee Woolams


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