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Vision Building Services, New branding project

Vision Building Services are a family owned property development and maintenance company based in Stockton-on-Tees in Teesside. They commissioned us to undertake a full brand review project for their business.

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Modernising an old brand whilst retaining similar elements

We undertook a thorough branding review for VBS at the outset of the project, way before any creative work was undertaken. The branding review was structured to look at both internal documentation and customer facing external collateral. Following the review our branding report was submitted to the client with ideas and recommendations on how to update the company branding.

Branding development process

The client digested our branding review and asked us to begin the creation of new branding ideas for their company. We followed our tried and trusted branding formula which is based on three key areas of activity: Brand Discovery, Ideation and Propel.

Brand Discovery

Our initial aspects of the brand discovery included:

•    Reviewing the current brand and name including internal & external collateral
•    Understanding key target markets
•    Brainstorming new thoughts and ideas
•    Researching competitors
•    Visiting site locations, meeting and questioning stakeholders & staff
•    Suggesting new names (or analysing a proposed new name)

Once this discovery was complete and we were armed with this new information, we then started defining the Ideation aspects of the brand through our design phase. This included creation of some initial concept logo redraws and ideas.

Vision Building Services wireframe
Vision Building Services wireframe
Vision Building Services wireframe

Ideation - Creating and styling new logo ideas into a final version

Once our Branding Discovery process was complete we began working up preferred logo ideas into workable solutions that could be applied into some final solutions. 

We removed the 3 circles from the client's old logo combining them into one to simplify the logo and brought the 3 abbreviated letters closer together, also curving off the top part of the V to signify dynamism and forward thinking plus cut the angle of the V into the B to give the logo a contemporary touch.

We introduced a vibrant bright yellow into the client's logo to help contrast the black yet still complemented the new logo symbol. We retained the previous sans serif font, Century Gothic, to ensure there wasn't too much diversification from the client's original branding.

The strapline 'Your Future • Our Vision' was also adopted and used on associated marketing collateral including vehicle livery.

Ideation - Creating and styling new logo ideas into a final version image

Propel - Design and development of the new branding into other marketing materials

Once the new logo had been defined we then began designing other elements of marketing collateral to showcase how the new logo could be applied, to help enhance the company's new branding vision. This meant updating the client's stationery range including customer facing forms and internal documentation such as Word templates and sales presentation materials, enhancing display marketing, building signage and staff uniforms. 

We were also tasked with helping to improve the client's digital presence with the new branding. This included updating their social media platforms and provision of ongoing social media management services.

Carrying the new branding message further

A big component of the client's vision for the new branding was to ensure their fleet of vans and vehicles reflected their updated new logo as much as possible without being completely over the top. We designed their fleet livery focusing on pushing the new logo as much as possible without the huge expense of full wrap coverage yet retained clean aspects to the designs ensuring the branding was clear and simple yet dynamic enough to be easily identifiable.

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