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Delivering an extensive rebrand to modernise an established company, with an all new web presence and marketing strategy for their flagship company and its sub brands.

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The Brief

From an introductory workshop, we gathered that the old UCS brand was outdated and in need of a fresh start in order for the company to make an impact against its competitors.

The workshop enabled us to determine a new direction and name, including a new strap line, company ethos and customer promise. The brief would also cover an all new marketing plan and online presence for the company.

Initial UCS logo sketches
Initial UCS logo sketches
Logo ideas
Logo development 1
Logo development 2

We went through dozens of variations before we landed on the chosen logo. With ideas ranging from simple glyphs, to isometric styles and abstract initials.

The idea behind the logo is based on the complexity of technology such as computer chips or wiring. And combines the U, C and S into an icon to represent the company.

Designed to be simple and able to be scaled down without losing clarity, the icon can also be used to represent the sub brands. While developing the overall look and feel, this led to a set of custom initials to accompany the logo and its sub brands.

UCS Technologies logo UCS Renewables logo UCS ICT logo

Sub Brands

From the beginning, the UCS logo would need to work with several existing sub brands. The brand would need to be versatile to accommodate different text and colours.

The different colours of each sub brand are able to work with the logo in a variety of layouts or without text as seen below.

UCS Technologies logo
UCS Renewables logo
UCS ICT logo
Vehicle livery
Exterior signage
UCS image

Enhancing the User's Online Experience

With no current website for UCS Technologies, we were able to build a brand new website from the ground up. Which included bespoke icons, spot illustrations and a unique contact solution. Similar to the branding, the website is suitable for the company's sub brands with the colours and content being altered to create a brand new site.

Visit Site Website screenshot 1 Website screenshot 2

User Experience Design

Before we began the design process, we would first need the brand new content to accompany the website.

With the new content in place, we are able to create wireframes of the browser and mobile websites. Here, we could determine that the services and sectors were the most important content that will demonstrate the company's expertise scope.

Website wireframe

Fully Responsive Web Design

To enhance UCS's web presence, we utilized the new brand and icon designs to create a fast, responsive website, complete with icon animations, dropdown and an entirely bespoke mobile navigation.

We aimed for a unique colour palette for the brand and website while maintaining a cohesive style and being functional from a user experience point of view.

One of our early project discovery meetings highlighted the need for an intuitive contact solution. Enabling users to get in touch without opening their email client or loading a new page.

Contact form
Bespoke icons

To enhance the website's look and usability, we created a set of bespoke icons for the services and sectors. The icons can be carried over to a wide variety of digital and print elements, and are entirely unique to the UCS brand.

Menu dropdown

Using icons helps to enhance the navigation on both desktop and mobile.

With the icons seen above as part of the dropdown menus, and as part of the navigation in the mobile's sub menu.

After a tendering process, we engaged with VIA Creative to undertake the marketing project on our behalf. There were several reasons for selecting VIA above others and why we've gone on to realise a successful project. I was convinced by their argument for VIA to offer a full bespoke solution, advising that this gives the website more credence and more authenticity to the business. We completely agree with this. It's how we try and work with our customers, giving them a bespoke solution and one that is suited to their needs.

We are now at the end of the process but we're working with VIA, making plans to build on what we have achieved. There's no use in creating a new brand and keeping it a secret! The ultimate aim of the project was to improve our identity, inform every one out there of our wide ranging skills and expertise. Increase our presence both locally and nationally and aid the growth of our business.

Paul Kidd, Director

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