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Typhoon International

Creating the website for Typhoon International, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of drysuits and a key player in the diving and watersports markets.

We designed and built the bespoke, responsive product based website. Plus the design and print for the companies marketing and events.

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The Task

To undertake the mammoth task of designing and developing a fully bespoke, mobile responsive new website was no mean achievement. With a multitude of products the design had to work seamlessly across mobile devices to effectively display their products.

User Experience & Wireframing

Extensive wireframing was undertaken at the early stages to nail down the key page components and structure. Undertaking the wireframing of all aspects of design and layout enables a seamless transition into the web design phase.

Typhoon International wireframe
Typhoon International wireframe
Typhoon International wireframe

Design and Approach

A complete re-build of the website was a undertaken to keep Typhoon’s presence on the web up-to-date with modern technologies. Built from scratch, we also streamlined their internal process so that Efacs - their stock control system - was directly integrated into the website. This solved the problem of content duplication across product data, helping aid efficiency within the company.

The core structure of the website was based around Typhoon’s definitive product categories and sub-categories, with the final solution being very e-commerce-like in terms of how users filter and view products.

Design and Approach image

Brochure and marketing design

A key sales tool for Typhoon are their product brochures, so it was important that the look and feel of these reflected the new website. The designs placed crisp product photography at the forefront. We coupled this with clear, simple typography and functional design elements to deliver clean, practical brochure designs across their retail and military ranges.

App screanshot
App screanshot
App screanshot

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