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Branding design project for a national lighting design company

Stainton Lighting, New branding design

Stainton Lighting are a national lighting design company who commissioned us to create a completely new brand for their business. We were tasked with producing an original new logo and a range of sub-brands to promote the various divisions within the company.

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Logo development - a new symbol to reflect the company's core service

We initiated the design process by delving into the core identity of Stainton Lighting. This involved understanding the company's mission, values, target audience and the unique attributes that set it apart in the lighting industry.

To position Stainton Lighting uniquely, we conducted a thorough analysis of competitors within the industry. This ensured that our design stood out and reflected distinctive qualities that would capture the attention of their target markets.

Initial designs

Our design process is collaborative, and we actively engaged with Stainton Lighting's team to understand their vision, preferences, and aspirations for the brand. Regular feedback loops ensured that the design aligns seamlessly with the company's objectives.

The creation of a memorable symbol involved an exploratory phase where various design concepts were sketched and digitally rendered. The symbol needed to encapsulate the essence of Stainton Lighting – its innovation, reliability, and unique approach in the lighting sector.

Stainton Lighting wireframe
Stainton Lighting wireframe
Stainton Lighting wireframe

Simplicity and versatility

A memorable brand design is often simple yet versatile. The Stainton Lighting symbol was crafted to be easily recognizable and scalable across various platforms, ensuring consistency in both digital and print applications.

Every element of the brand design tells a story. From the symbolism within the logo to the choice of colors and typography, each aspect is a visual narrative that communicates Stainton Lighting's commitment to cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Simplicity and versatility image

Storytelling through design

Iteration is a vital part of the design process. We sought feedback at various stages, allowing for refinement and enhancement. This collaborative approach ensured that the final design truly resonated with Stainton Lighting's brand ethos.

Applications of the new branding

The new branding has been well received by our client and their associated clients and prospects. Following our delivery of social media marketing training the client has also been actively pushing the new brand through their own social media engagement ensuring the new brand gets as much exposure as possible. A recent trade show event gave the client the opportunity to showcase the new branding even further through a range of branded display materials we also created and produced for them.

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