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South Tees NHS, New branding, marketing strategy and promotional campaign

The project aims to provide a central point of contact for people seeking Tees Valley health and social care careers, employment information and support. Read the case study below on how we delivered the creative for this ongoing marketing campaign.

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Creation of a new brand and an associated marketing strategy to promote careers in care throughout the Tees Valley

We were tasked by South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to create a unique new brand and an associated marketing strategy to help promote the wide range of social and health care jobs that are available across all of the Tees Valley's NHS Trusts. The project needed to provide a central point of contact/coordination for people seeking Tees Valley health and social care careers, employment information and support. The new campaign needed to improve access to and promotion of sector/Tees Valley opportunities, networks and resources encouraging more people to enter the sector.

The new branding thought processes

We began by thoroughly understanding the core essence of what the 'Discover Care' campaign was about. This involved delving into its mission, values, and the emotions it aimed to evoke. This initial exploration guided the subsequent design choices to ensure alignment with the campaign's goals. The logo serves as the visual anchor for any brand. For 'Discover Care,' we conceptualised a brand that encapsulated the essence of people and dynamism. The design elements were carefully chosen to reflect the campaign's values and resonate with the target audience.

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust wireframe
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust wireframe
South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust wireframe

Target audience analysis

Working alongside another specialist Teesside marketing agency, OOK, we identified and understood that the target audience was paramount. We conducted a detailed analysis to comprehend the demographics, preferences and sensitivities of the audience. We delivered a series of specific branding workshops aimed at understanding and deciphering the separate messages each Trust was aiming to highlight with the new campaign. This information was crucial in tailoring the design to resonate with and engage the intended viewers.

Target audience analysis image

Brand storytelling

We crafted a visual narrative that told the story of 'Discover Care' in a compelling way, the availability of job and career opportunities available throughout the region's various NHS Trusts. The design aimed to communicate the campaign's purpose, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impact. The choice of colors, imagery, and typography played a pivotal role in narrating this story all aimed at cutting through the usual NHS marketing imagery and to be eyecatching, dynamic and overall engaging.

Delivery of the Discover Care marketing campaign

The Discover Care campaign is working very well across social media, this is because we have applied a very focused digital marketing strategy. We produced valuable, meaningful and quality content that sign-posts the public into events, training, education and apprenticeship roles. The campaign uses real NHS and Health and Social care employees as advocates in the campaign and all content is programmed and timelined through to relevant key dates, themes, topics and employment news agendas. An associated wide range of printed marketing collateral was created to help promote the campaign with a QR link to the landing page where a user could find more specific job roles available within the Tees Valley region. The campaign is now running, being widely well received and the various Trusts are considering extending the campaign well into 2024.

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