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Neue Schule, Horse bit manufacturer

A bespoke, multi-product, ecommerce website for Neue Schule, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of horse bits.

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How we created a dynamic new redesign of an established company's website with multiple products

Neue Schule (NS Bits) are one of the world's biggest manufacturers of bespoke horse bits. They commissioned us to perform an audit of their established, yet dated website and tasked us with creating a modern, dynamic redesign and subsequent bespoke build.

Project Discovery session

One of our key features is our Project Discovery sessions. Our designers set about identifying the key aspects the client wanted to feature and with particular emphasis on the user experience (UX) journey we were able to extract the core elements the new website needed to convey. Displaying upcoming news articles was a prominent requirement given the nature of the global events the client was involved with.

A unique UX and wireframing process

This particular project needed an extensive UX and wireframing process from the design stage. We defined and wireframed the layout of the new website aiming to keep the site simple and easy to navigate.

Neue Schule wireframe
Neue Schule wireframe
Neue Schule wireframe

Website styleguide creation

Our bespoke web design service includes creation of a website styleguide. This allows us and the client to observe a defined corporate palette making the website more professional and concise covering every element of detail from fonts, colours and buttons to text fields and interactions.

Website styleguide creation image

Website page layouts

With a fully bespoke website design we can create a unique and dynamic layout clearly and effectively displaying the clients images and products throughout the site. We also designed a fully responsive, mobile version of the various pages with a strong emphasis on a well defined and easy to use product page layout.

How their old site looked

The client had an established website but visually the design and layout had become outdated. Information was poorly displayed and finding key features and products was difficult.

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot

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