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Hartlepool Council, Public sector website regeneration portal

Design and development of a bespoke extension to an existing website build to promote Council regeneration projects in the borough of Hartlepool, North East England.

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Hartlepool Council Regeneration Portal screenshot

The Task

We were tasked by Hartlepool Borough Council to create concept ideas plus the subsequent design and build of a portal extension to display updates to ongoing regeneration projects around the borough. The website would recieve updates from the Council to inform residents of development progress.

The website was designed to be used by local residents to find more information, the locations and updates about each regeneration project.

Project Discovery

In order to convey the scale of the regeneration we were able to use a map of the area. The website included profiles for each location and project to provide the aim, updates and progress of each project.

The design style would be similar to the previous websites we built for the Council but using colour coded projects. The other sites we built can be viewed on this link: Hartlepool Council websites case study

User Experience & Wireframing

The UX and wireframing phase of this project was critical as the underlying design had to be agreed completely to allow the CMS to be built as user friendly as possible. This allowed Hartlepool Council staff to administer the ongoing development updates quickly and easily.

Hartlepool Council Regeneration Portal wireframe
Hartlepool Council Regeneration Portal wireframe
Hartlepool Council Regeneration Portal wireframe

Design and Approach

We decided upon a clean, modern layout using the previous website's colours but adding additional colours for use as the map location markers.

The new layout included images of the regeneration projects, project status graphic, start date and project duration dates. Plus additional information text to really inform the user of the status of the various projects in their borough.

Design and Approach image

The New Hartlepool

The map features markers for each location. The icons are colour coordinated for each location and carry over to the design of each profile.

After a location is selected, it is broken down into individual projects. Selecting each marker will show more information about each project and a link to view them.

As with all of our bespoke website development projects, this portal was designed and built to be fully mobile responsive as standard, with particular emphasis on the end users experience through mobile.

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot

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