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Handmade Handle Company, Durham based architectural ironmongers

Read the case study on how we created a fully bespoke, ecommerce website for the Handmade Handle Co, a Durham based architectural ironmongers.

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The design, development and build of a bespoke ecommerce website

The DJH Group are a family owned Durham based, manufacturing business. They commissioned us to create their new suite of ecommerce websites starting with this one for the Handmade Handle Company which manufactures architectural ironmongery including door handles, kitchen handles, locks and latches and a wide range of other customised architectural items.

This initial website will be followed by four new ecommerce websites for each of their separate brands.

Designing custom wireframes to define the page structure

With a previous site in existence we needed to clarify the product base to be used on the new website as well as analyse existing page content to ensure we could bring across all previous content into our new layouts. Extensive wireframes we created to define every page template that we would be using across the new website.

handmade-handle-company wireframe
handmade-handle-company wireframe
handmade-handle-company wireframe

Creating detailed page designs to simplify the ordering process

Our new page designs were primarily focussed on keeping the finding of products and shopping experience easy. Simple calls to action with a clean and simple selection and ordering process were defined to make it very easy to add products to a basket.

Creating detailed page designs to simplify the ordering process image

More web page designs for the Handmade Handle Co ecommerce website

The build of the various ecommerce product pages began once our wireframes and design process was approved. We created a staging preview site for the client to populate content as we worked on the HTML build of the various pages. A fully defined shopping cart system was applied using the Woocommerce platform to ensure seemless transitions throughout the checkout process.

The new website had incisive responsive pages to work continuously on mobile devices, see the mobile screen layouts further down the page.

Bespoke web design and development of various pages

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot

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