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Enpack, Polythene film supplier

Designing and developing a fully responsive website for Enpack that showcases their quality and service offering. Including bespoke illustrations, and a Yield calculator to allow customers to choose the size of their order online.

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Enpack screenshot

The Task

To create an all new modern website for a company with 30+ years experience in the packaging industry.

Project Discovery

An issue with an online business such as this, is the number of customers calling or emailing to talk through the type of film they require. To avoid this we needed to create a way for customers to calculate the different types of stretch film.

User Experience & Wireframing

Enpack’s expertise and services are the main focus of the new website, emphasising the company’s experience in their field. The most unique feature is the Yield calculator where customers can choose the desired thickness and amount needed to calculate the type of stretch film required before placing an order. 

Enpack wireframe
Enpack wireframe
Enpack wireframe

Design and Approach

Alongside the service offering, we included bespoke icons to guide users through the ordering audit process. By adding a bespoke Yield Calculator function we were able to add a nice, personal touch to the user experience. 

We created a simple navigation design that fits comfortably on mobile. 

Design and Approach image

Bespoke icon design

We created a series of bespoke and original icons and vector illustrations for this client’s project. These additional enhancements gave the website a little extra feeling of quality, reinforcing the client's innovative approach.

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot

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