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DTA Group, Engineering consultancy

DTA Consulting Engineers are an engineering consultancy for the private and public sectors. We were approached to undertake a brand refresh to create a new logo and brand package. Followed by the design and development of bespoke, responsive website.

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The Task

The aim of the project was to udpate DTA’s dated website to a new modern site to better organise the current services and the company’s standards. The new site would be mobile friendly, unlike the previous website.

Project Discovery

The new site would be a brochure website to show of the wide range of services. These would be condensed down into four main categories as the previous website felt far too complicated.

User Experience & Wireframing

The services are positioned on the front and centre of the homepage, followed by the project pages. While the about page shows the expertise and qualifications of the members of the company. 

DTA Group wireframe
DTA Group wireframe
DTA Group wireframe

Design and Approach

With a new brand in place, the website design follows a modern, utilitarian approach using the new colour scheme. The services that DTA offer and their past projects are the main focus of the website. The projects have a large gallery view and sections listing the key information about each one. When designing these pages, we created mobile versions of the website alongside them to ensure the website is responsive. 

While designing these pages, we would create the mobile versions of the site alongside them to ensure the website would be responsive.

Design and Approach image

Logo Design and Development

The rebranding process involved a number of stages and design styles to create a modern logo which took it’s inspiration from the plans and blueprints used in the engineering industry.

The project incorporated design and development of a fully mobile responsive website for the organisation too.

App screenshot
App screenshot
App screenshot

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