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Cleveland Land Services, Group wide branding design

CLS trusted us to unite their 3 seperate company divisions into one coherent group brand structure. See how we undertook this mammoth branding project and managed the new identity into their company wide marketing collateral.

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The clients' branding problem

Cleveland Land Services operate throughout the UK and have a growing reputation for undertaking large scale land and sports surfaces contracting projects. They challenged us to create a visual solution that would allow each of the brands to perform individually yet conveyed the mutual association that each sub-division was part of one overiding group structure.

The branding solution we devised

The client was insistent that elements of their original main logo designed in the 70s was to remain in the new branding project. We proposed that we create a new suite of iconography that reflected the core services of each of the company's three sub-divisions and therefore allowed us to create contemporary icons yet heralded a nod to the client's original logo.

Designing the brand icons

Under Cleveland Land Services main group name, their three sub-divisions were CLS Selfdrive, CLS Landscape & Earthworks and a newly setup division called CLS Sports. Our designers began exploring the three sub-division core services to create a suite of icons that could specifically be applied directly into each of the logo roundels.

Cleveland Land Services wireframe
Cleveland Land Services wireframe
Cleveland Land Services wireframe

Internal and external stationery design

As part of our Branding Discovery Process we delivered an audit on the company's internal and customer facing documentation.  Ensuring staff were able to use the correct logo for the correct application especially in dealing with suppliers and also for documentation proposals and reports. Corporate identity brand styleguides are a fundamental aspect of any brand redevelopment project that we undertake here at our agency and an invaluable resource that can help shape the forward direction of a company's marketing message.

Internal and external stationery design image

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