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Creating multiple bespoke websites for Spanish based Tecnicas Reunidas. The first project we undertook was a website for a new Biomass plant based in Teesside.

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Design and build a website for a new renewable energy plant in Teesside. The website would need to include posts about the project's progressions, news, available contracts and employment opportunities.

Project Discovery

The new plant was under construction while this project was underway, so the site would provide regular updates as the project progressed. Another primary focus of the website would be for recruitments purposes, such as hiring subcontractors to participate in the project.

User Experience & Wireframing

The subcontracts, employment and project pages were key aspects of the websites we developed first.

With this in mind, the the subcontracts page would be designed with the potential to showcase dozens of jobs in multiple sectors. A design that would be carried over to the employment opportunities page and the mobile version of the website.

Tecnicas Reunidas wireframe
Tecnicas Reunidas wireframe
Tecnicas Reunidas wireframe

Design and Approach

The design follows the colour scheme of Tecnicas Reunidas, while using 3D plant renders and photography. Pages such as the subcontracts page use dropdowns for each contract, with the pages acting as a profile for each subcontractor.

Once this design was in place, we adapted this layout for a second site for a project based in Mexico. 

Design and Approach image

Interactive Diagrams

To educate users about the new biomass plant, the website features an interactive diagram showing a 3D render of the site. Users can highlight each part of the plant to find out more information.

App screanshot
App screanshot
App screanshot

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