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We have consistently created graphic design solutions for a wide variety of clients in the North East and throughout the UK since 2003, always adhering to the client's brief and any corporate guidelines. We design literature that conveys the right message and delivers a call to action. Good, clear design communication provides companies with a strong platform to engage directly with their target markets ensuring that a connection can be made and a bond established.

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Design that works

Our studio boasts a team of graphic designers with a wide range of different creative abilities and skills, ensuring that any design brief can be met with a creative solution that will hit its mark and deliver results.

Good, professional layout design with a tinge of creative flair-not just for the sake of adding flavour of the month graphics, but to ensure the client's literature is designed in a way that will engage with their public and provoke a positive reaction. We understand clients don't want someone who can regurgitate what they've already put together in Word. They want an agency that can produce creative and professional solutions in a way that gets their brand shouting louder than their competitors. That's where our creative design abilities are essential to our whole ethos and why we have built up a reputable list of clients who use us for graphic design services time and again.

VIA Studio

Conceptual Design

Our designers consistently push boundaries to explore ideas that deliver the best possible solution for our clients' briefs. Sometimes a client will come to us with a brief that allows us to really explore and develop a range of unique design and marketing concepts and this gives us the opportunity to stretch a client's brand in ways they never thought possible.

The components of our design process cover:

  • Discovery
  • Planning / idea generation
  • Concepts / creation
  • Review
  • Delivery

Bespoke Graphic Design Solutions

We often get asked to create unique and individual icons, graphics and of course, logos. Having an experienced and dedicated team of designers allows us to come up with ideas for these bespoke requests and develop them using our knowledge of design and artwork software to high quality finishes. These bespoke requirements include:

  • Icon design
  • Charts, tables and graphs
  • Maps
  • Logos
  • Infographics
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