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Design and build of a modern, clean website for a leading architectural manufacturer. Showcasing the companies’ service offering and projects.

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The Task

The design and build of a bespoke website for leading architectural manufacturer Frostree.

Project Discovery

The website would need to incorporate the projects and unique products the company offers. 

User Experience & Wireframing

The website would need to the allow for regular updates to the projects, news and products Frostree offers. The site would include professional photography to showcase the scope of the projects.

Frostree wireframe
Frostree wireframe
Frostree wireframe

Design and Approach

We went through several revisions before the final design was chosen. The final design used a clean modern approach, allowing us to place emphasis on the photography. This style was carried over to the mobile versions of the website.

Design and Approach image

App screanshot
App screanshot
App screanshot

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